Douglas Kolker (President and CEO of Summit Selling Systems Inc.) was the founder of a hugely successful, nationally recognized sales promotion/marketing services agency. Despite the money and the success, Kolker was always frustrated by the constant arm wrestling with prospective clients. He never understood why some bought and some didn't, and it bothered him. It bothered him to the extent that he felt he had to revolutionize his approach to selling. Kolker reversed traditional sales beliefs and approaches and began using a method in which he started having the right conversations in his sales calls; conversations that qualified his prospects' most pressing needs and the investment they were willing to make to fix them. Ultimately, Kolker began closing more deals.

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Aberdeen Interactive Benchmark Assessment

INTERACTIVE BENCHMARK ASSESSMENT Aberdeen Group recently conducted a study to find out exactly what methods, processes, and sales training practices yield the highest amounts of met quotas, customer loyalty, and overall generation of revenue. Utilizing empirical data collected from over 835 interviews and surveys with end-user organizations, Aberdeen Group developed an online assessment tool, enabling users to find out exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are in their sales training efforts. Take this five to ten-minute survey to find out how you and your organization stack up aga  Read more...

14 Ways To Increase Your Income in 2014

14 ways that are 100% proven methods of increasing performance and income. Read more...

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Sales Tips: Sandler Rule #1: You Have to Learn to Fail to Win

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